To the New Beginning

I see it is coming, all the signs are there, I am prepared, but still, what happened to me last Friday still traumatized me till now. Yes, the company has been through a big budget cut and that my readers, it means I got fired.  Well, technically, I am laid off from the job that will be now handled by the third party vendor.


One door closes, another door opens, that is what I kept telling myself this whole weekend. I am trying to put a brave face and to face the world head on. I am young, I do have some experience, I have some money to cover during these job hunts, but still, I cannot shake off the feeling how the HR staff treat me on Friday.  Do they know it hurts? Do they even feel sympathy for me at all? Do they care?  Then again, they are just doing their job, I supposed.


If there is a reset button, would I want to use it? Absolutely not. There are things I wish I could handle much better, and yes I regretted of not taking that offer.  However, with all of these, I do not want live in the past, I am going to learn from it, making better life decision, and this post will be my way of letting go from these bad memories/experience from working at that company.



Any yes I am salty af for now.


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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22

Yikes, I am getting older, and that is not a good thing at all. I mean, have you found any cheap skincare products for older people? I do not think so. Most people might think growing up is great, but for me, growing up means more responsibilities. It is inevitable, but sometimes, I wish I could stop time for a moment and enjoy life as it is. I am still jobless thou, so celebration is not my agenda for this year.  I am glad/ and a little bit happy that my love ones all gave me birthday wishes. Today, I am one year older than last year; I still feel the same cause as you grow older, you tend to forget little things in life, for example, spending time with your family, and do good deeds for people around you.  Anyway, as I sitting here, waiting for my mom to finish her dinning feast, I have come to up two things that I have accomplished this year. To be honest, I was trying to come up 22 things, but unfortunately, I could not find any significant things that I have done last year (sad in a way). So here they are:

1. Finally, graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

It is not a difficult major, but not an easy one either. I think all major in university are like that. All you need is passion and commitment.

2. I overcame my depression this spring 2015.

Secrets can lead to depression; and it is true for my case.

So yea, that’s it, it is kinda salty to be honest.

Peace for now.

Being Salty

Waking up <– the most hardest thing to do in the morning (when you do not know what else to do for that day)

Yes, I could not get up earlier in the morning. And no, it is not because I am feeling too “lazy”, or I do not get “enough sleep”.  I LACK MOTIVATION. My basic morning routine is the same: waking up, brushing my teeth, breakfast, jogging, and searching for jobs. there is nothing new to look forward to beside job rejections if that counts. I try, I do really try, to motivate myself more and keep telling that soon I will find a suitable job, but time is the luxury that I do not have. I am not broke yet, but if this keeps going till October, then I might be. That’s it for today, I am writing this to let people know; y’all not alone with this “post-graduate” crisis. Here are some of the pictures that I took this morning. I hope this will cheer you up a litter bit 🙂

Those steps are not good for running. just saying…

Flowers everywhere ❤

Peace for now,


Finding a job (especially for your field) is not easy– and i think everyone already knows that

Finding a full-time job after graduation is not an easy task. I know, and I have been told so many times before, but what I did not expect is all these technical questions that I have learnt four years ago. It is ridiculous; but that what life is about. And I am so ready to be an adult. Like seriously, I have spent almost two weeks to review my notes (especially the CS 101), just give me the damn job already… sigh. Staying positive is the key during this time process. (and being a little salty will not hurt either)

This is how I feel whenever I finish a technical interview

This is how I feel whenever I finish a technical interview

Peace for now
Being Salty

Hello world! <— how sarcastic this post's tittle is ?!?!

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Happy blogging!

Honestly, I have tons of things to write about, but for now, i will try to organize and get used to this website features and stuffs. I know I am late to blogging generation, but at least I start it now. I am going to find some other bloggers to follow, and make dinner.

Peace for now.
Being Salty